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Phlebotomy certification

Payment Terms

Payments without Credit Cards.

We accept payments via remitances only. We don't accpet Paypal, AlertPay, MoneyBookers or Credit Cards.

Remitances Service.

The fast service of remitances are very convenient and secure! Simply find an agent near your location, go to the agent, give them our payment receiver information and send the money to us!. It’s Time saving, cost effective as well as 100% secure… 

Method of sending Payment.

After locating any nearest remitances agent office near you please visit in person there. Or you can use online credit card service provided by remitances to send your payments to us. Use the information provided in the E-mail sent from us to you at the end of completing an order in the cart to send your money to ahpharmacy.com .After sending the payment, please use the SEND PAYMENTS page form to send us your payment details or send us an email with the required payment retrieval information at: ahpharmacyplus@gmail.com .Once the payment is confirmed, your order will be shipped.